Seaside Runners of San Diego will inspire those who have found their passion for running and want to take on the challenge of distance running. Our group members support each other as we  strive to accomplish our goals. We invite runners of all levels to train with us through a complete running program that gives each runner an individual workout schedule that is closely monitored each week by a professional running coach. Seaside Runners of San Diego meet every Sunday morning at 7am for our long distance runs. On Wednesday evenings we meet at 6 pm for our track sessions that includes instruction, analysis, and pace work sessions.  "If you would like to come and run with us
 and give us a try!!!"
Our program consist of :
1.  Professional Coaching
2.  Individual training programs
3.  Pre and Post-race recovery plans
4.  Nutritional plans & guidance for runners
5.  Proper Hydration
6.  Specific sretching for runners
7.  Group Support
8.  We have training programs for:
        a) Carlsbad Marathon 
        b) The Triple Crown (any  of them individually) half marathons
        c) Rock n Roll Marathon
        d) Silver Strand Half Marathon
        e) training for any Marathon or 1/.2 marathon you want!
*We also provide training for other races with the same individual coaching!
 Our ANNUAL fee is $90

Sunday July 30 @ Lake Miramar @
6:45am Directions: Highway 15 to Mira Mesa Blvd. at exit light turn East till the road ends and turn RIGHT follow to the second traffic light and turn LEFT. The lake entrance is 1/2 mile on the Left hand side of the road. Follow the road to the large parking lot where the restroom and picnic area is located. We will meet in the picnic area.
Wednesday Runs  Cancelled for now
Wednesday:@ Paradise Point @6:15 pm.  Directions: 8 west to Mission Bay exit. At the light turn RIGHT. Follow to the 2nd.light (Vacation Road) & turn LEFT. then a quick left (do not go into the resort) and follow one block and turn LEFT and follow till the road ends. We meet there.

    Contact Information:
    (619) 708-4783

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 (619) 708-4783
     Christina, Joyce, Priyanka, Carl athletes     America's Finest City Half Marathon  2015