Keiko 5/25/12 > After winning Triathlon: I was just lucky... I've been working on my form like Don used to tell me all the time. A correct form is very important to stay away from injuries and def. makes you fast. Thus, you will love running more! Born to be healthy was the best gift from God. You gotta enjoy!
Donald 6/4/12 : Seaside Runners! Rock n Roll volunteers. Thank you Bryan, David, Gus, Kasey, Marisa, Nikki, Patty, and Deanna for being there to support our runners! This is the strength of our group!!!! It is also so nice to see those that can not run due to injuries be there for the rest of the Seaside Runners! It is so hard to watch from the side lines!!! Everyone was great in helping on Sunday!
Stacy 6/4/12 > Rock n Roll: Thank you all 4  your cheers and support... special thanks to Don for your running support during mile 10..never had an orange taste so good!   Gus, thank you, thank you, thank your for finding me at the stretch! You gave me that extra push I needed!!!!
" Best Running Group Ever" Hannah 6/4/12 Rock n Roll Marathon: Thanks to everybody fo being such an awesome and supportive running group! Thank you to Dee and Bryan for picking me up at mile 14 and keeping me positive throughout the dreaded wall, and to Don for all you support and dedication, and for the bananas, oranges and blue gatorade!!!
Mary 6/4/12 Rock n Roll 1/2 Marathon: Thanks to everyone, it wa so exciting to see so many people cheering fomr the sidelines! I really want to continue and know what I can do in the future to improve. Kasey, what a wonderful gift you gave me by running with me, encouraging me. You are a star, I so appreciated it. It goes without saying, without Don none of this wold have been possible fo rme! I broke through the asthma barrier and now I'm on my way!
Marisa 1/24/13 Carlsbad Half Marathon: Thank you Don for all your support, the advice, the massages, all was very helpful on Sunday for me to be able to finish. Thank you Laurna and Carl for running with me, always helps to have a friendly face next to you, thanks for the encouraging words. Thank you David rof helping me with training.
Special thanks to my daughter Nikki for getting up very early in the morning and running 2 1/2 miles at the end of the race with Mom, Love it!!!!
Seaside Runners you all rock!!!
Marie 1/20/14 Carlsbad Half Marathon:  Thank you Don for your support each &  every week. Getting back into running at all was something I was afraid wouldn't happen after I had my daughter, so to be able to finish a 1/2 marathon is very emotional for me. The support of Don & everyone in this group is such a blessing. From our elite runners to the elite tortoises you all inspire me so much
Joyce 8/17/14 America's Half Marathon: THANK YOU Don for all your guidance, support & coaching. Not only during the AFC 1/2 marathon, where you ran beside me the entire way, which I thank you so much for doing, but each and every week since I have been present since I have joined Nov. 2013.
I was very hesitant to start &  even considered turning the car around and crawling back into bed that first Sunday I met the group. But I am glad I stayed persistent and kept with it. We all have our excuses, I am a full time nurse, mother and wife, I have 2 young kids and have a very busy schedule... but I needed this time for myself and wanted to make my health a priority. I never thought I would be able to run a 1/2 marathon because when I first started I could barely run a 1/4 mile without running out of breath. Being a part of a support team at the Carlsbad 1/2 Marathon was inspiring and running the AFC 1/2 was an amazing accomplishment. I am so proud to be a part of this group; every single person on this team has been so supportive and an inspiration to me...My next goal for 2015 is the Triple Crown!