We are all capable of great things           Every runner is important! Our running group has wonderful people that are very supportive of each other! It is a pleasure to run each Wednesday and Sunday with such dedicated and giving individuals. 

Nikki: has been running with us for  4 years now and has continued to improve 
            (6:25 mile). She also is a very good volleyball player & swimmer/diver!
Sharik: is currently one of the best young volleyball players in the county and has 
              proven to be a awesome distance runner too!
Adiva: is also in Volleyball and has shown she can compete with the best players in the
            county!  She is also proving her ability to be a very good endurance runner.         
Kendally: Newest and youngest runner she has continually improving. She has
                 been consistently running 5+ miles each Sunday staying with many adults 
                                                                 proving she is a tough runner! 

          Adiva, Sharik, Nikki, Kendally
   Seaside Running Kids
              Nikki                       Sharik                        Adiva                       Kendally
Sharik: Qualified for CIF in the High Jump! Freshman Star!
Nikki 3/12 track meet placed 2nd in 2 races!